Open 24 Hours

Remember our 24 hour touch tone line at 330-929-1636. You can transfer funds from savings to checking, order a check mailed to yourself, and inquire about your accounts or a specific check which you have written.

eZCardMall Update

It’s easy to shop online with eZCardMall. Link to eZCardMall directly from eZCardInfo to begin easy, convenient shopping online. eZCardMall includes many nationally recognized and trusted merchants such as: The Disney Store The Sharper Image Nordstrom Fossil...

Members Financial News

Check it out without checking it out! Browse through Members Financial Network’s library on the Internet. You can check out a wide range of information — without checking it out. Take five to evaluate your financial position! Get a free 5-minute financial...

No Charge ATM Access

Effective Wednesday, May 1, 2002, Falls Catholic Credit Union members will be able to make withdrawals at any Firstmerit ATM and not be charged the customary fee. This is a special agreement that we have made with Firstmerit for the benefit of our members.